Montenegro Tourist Guide Association

10 Things To Know About the Association of Tourist Guides in Montenegro

1. What year was the Association of Tourist Guides in Montenegro established, and where is the headquarters?

The Association of Tourist Guides in Montenegro was formed in 2013.

Our headquarters are at Žrtava Fašizma 56, Budva - 85310 – Montenegro.

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2. What is the primary mission/goal of the Association of Tourist Guides in Montenegro?

We are only 7 years old but our main aim is to create a professional and influential Association.

We aim to connect tourist guides with leading tourism stakeholders, experts and tourism studies students. We want to collaborate with the representatives of public and private sectors and to influence the micro and macrostructure of Tourism in Montenegro.

Networking with important tourism stakeholders is important for us and we are looking to co-operations in the development of tourism in Montenegro.

Our primary goal is to create and deliver a good tourism product which will increase the value of experience for visitors.

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3. How does someone become a qualified tourist guide in Montenegro?

In order to become a qualified Tourist guide in Montenegro, candidates have to attend a 3 month course. At the end of course, there are exams on 16 different subjects. Successful candidates are are examined in practical aspects of guiding by the official state commission.

4. After becoming qualified, what are some of the professional development classes that guides typically take in Montenegro to enhance their knowledge and skills?

The Association offers educational tours and professional development classes (CPD) to members.

For non-member guides there are no further professional development classes for improving skills or knowledge. Tourist guides are expected enhance their knowledge by doing their own further research or learn by shadowing other colleagues.

5. Is there an official badge that qualified tourist guides in Montenegro wear?

Following qualification each Tourist guide receives an official licence. Please see picture below.

6. How many qualified tourist guides are members of the Association of Tourist Guides in Montenegro, and what are their diverse backgrounds? Also, how many languages do they guide in, and do they specialize in themed tours?

Our Association of has over 160 qualified guides. They are all educated to University level. Being local and living in the country they have first-hand experience of the culture, heritage, everyday life and customs of the country are and best trained to interpret them to visitors.

Our members speak a variety of languages including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russia, Portuguese, Turkish to name but a few.

We don’t offer specialised tours but upon contact we can discuss requirement.

7. What are some of the top reasons for using a qualified tourist guide in Montenegro?

To truly understand the wonderful country that is Montenegro a qualified tourist guides is a must.

Tourist guides have in-depth knowledge of the country and its rich history, going back hundreds of years. They have local knowledge of customs which cannot be found easily in guide books. They are experienced in dealing with tourists and their requirements. They are able to interpret the country’s heritage like no other can.

8. What are some of the popular places to visit in Montenegro?

Montenegro might be small is size but has plenty to offer to visitors. From the famous city of Kotor, inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list for its stunning medieval architecture which integrates harmoniously with the natural landscape, to the old medieval towns of Budva, Bar, Ulcinj and Herceg Novi, lovers of culture and heritage have lots to choose from.

But it’s not only heritage and architecture on offer. The landscape is extremely varied with numerous fast flowing rivers, canyons, lakes, mountain ranges, sun-drenched beaches. Every type of tourism is well catered for in Montenegro.

Our tour guides have the knowledge and expertise to make tailor-made suggestions to visitors.

9. What are some general tips you would give to potential visitors planning a vacation to Montenegro?

Montenegro is a year round destination.

For relaxation, the long summers are ideal for sun and beach holidays. In the winter head to the mountain ranges and the ski-resorts for more active holidays.

Adrenaline junkies are spoilt for choice with white-water rafting, canyoning, or zip lining the deepest canyon in Europe.

By far the best way of experiencing the country is to start from the middle part, the village of Njeguši the “cradle of Montenegro”, take in the Royal Capital of Cetinj and continue north.

This is one suggestion our of many as the possibilities are endless.

10. Where can potential visitors to Montenegro find out more information about the Association of Tourist Guides and also find a qualified tourist guide?

Definitely the best way to reach the best qualified guides would be through our own website Or you can leave all the hard work to us and email us with your requirements at or