Guiding UNESCO World Heritage Sites

A Seminar for Tourist Guides

The majority of countries around the world have at least one designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tourist guides, interpreting their countries’ heritage, are proud to take their clients to such sites and explain their history and importance.

When guiding UNESCO World Heritage Sites, it is important to be able to point out why these places are important for world heritage, the three criteria that all sites must fulfil, and what makes them unique. It is also important to explain in simple terms the difference between tangible and intangible heritage and give examples of both.


The “Guiding UNESCO World Heritage Sites” seminar brings tourist guides up to date with both existing sites and most recent UNESCO nominations for their country. The seminar offers practical suggestions on how to guide effectively tangible sites and how to introduce intangible heritage to visitors. It also provides the background to UNESCO as an organisation and discusses key concepts such as the destruction of cultural heritage, the repatriation of cultural artefacts and overtourism.

The seminar provides an important learning experience and looks into the practicalities of explaining and dealing with difficult questions related to world heritage. It can help expand guides’ repertoire and contribute towards improving quality and standards in guiding.

All qualified tourist guides are eligible to attend.

What will the course participants will gain?

  • up to date knowledge of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the country of origin
  • an appreciation ofthe guiding possibilities of the most important tangible and intangible sites
  • a deeper understanding of key concepts in world heritage
  • the knowledge to promote less visited sites and destinations
  • more confidence in guiding World Heritage Sites

General Information

The programme consists of 4 hours directed learning delivered either face-to-face or online. It covers a range of development activities, essential in any guide training programme. The skills gained are transferable to many tourist guiding situations.

The trainers delivering the programme are FEG accredited. To achieve best possible results the number of the course participants is limited.

All trainees of the “Guiding UNESCO World Heritage Sites” seminar will be awarded a FEG e-certificate of attendance.

The price of this seminar, and all other FEG courses, varies depending on costs and demand. If you are interested in one or more courses listed on our website, please get in touch with our office for more information at