Meet Our FEG Accredited Active Trainers

The FEG Trainer Team currently consists of 19 active professional tourist guides with various backgrounds and vast complementary experience, all regularly assessed and accredited by FEG as its trainers.

Each FEG Trainer holds a guiding qualification for a specific area. Collectively their guiding environs extend from remote islands to busy cities and from museums and galleries to seats of parliaments, where they guide on walking tours, on sites and on moving vehicles. As all tourist guides they are the professional locals who look after leisure tourists, cruise guests, private tailor-made tours, conference delegates, business travellers and travellers in specialist study tours.

Most of our FEG Trainers are also university graduates with a range of academic qualifications, such as archaeologists, language teachers, translators, voice-overs and project managers for European Programmes.

All our FEG Trainers are excellent communicators, multi-tasked and able to think on their feet. Over the years the team members have amassed a vast international experience of training tourist guides and trainers of tourist guides throughout Europe and across the globe, including in Abu Dhabi, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Barbados, Brunei, China, Crimea, Cyprus, Czechia, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Jamaica, Malta, the Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Spain, Tanzania, UK, Ukraine and others.

Trainers’ activities include selecting, assessing and examining tourist guides and trainers of tourist guides; accrediting courses and moderating exam results; research and report writing. Their work ranges from designing and delivering site guide training courses to international consultancy. All are fully aware of the requirements and standards of professional tourist guide training programmes.

We would be delighted to bring our knowledge, skills and enthusiasm to you and your colleagues.

For the full list of the FEG Accredited Active Trainers in alphabetical order, see here below:


Caroline Knutsson-Hall

Languages: English, Swedish

Efi Kalampoukidou

Languages: English, Greek

Heather Williams

Languages: English

Radoslaw Szafranowitz-Maloziec

Languages: English, Polish

Sian Roberts

Languages: English

Stephen Griffin

Languages: English

Themis Halvantzi-Stringer

Languages: English, Greek