FEG Launches its new E-Book edition “ART OF GUIDING”

Communique from Richard Skinner & Efi Kalampoukidou
Date 19/02/2021

The European Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (FEG) is happy to celebrate this year’s anniversary of the International Tourist Guide Day on the 21st February by announcing the official launching of the most valuable tool for tourist guides:

The e-book “Art of Guiding” as the 3rd edition by Katrine Prince

Katrine Prince
Photo: Autor, Katrine Prince

FEG is also delighted to have received the exclusive author and cartoon copyright signed by Katrine Prince’s husband, Martin Prince, and by its cartoonist, Royston Roberts whom we both wholeheartedly thank.

FEG former ExCo President and accredited tourist guide trainer, Richard Skinner said:

“Katrine wrote in 1997 in the her first edition prologue “the seeds of this handbook were sown in the South Pacific, where I was lucky enough to be training tourist guides to interpret their own very special heritage with the help of a local expert. They asked me to leave them with a Guiding Manual”. The handbook is the fruit of many harvests. Katrine qualified as a London Registered Blue Badge Tourist Guide in 1974 and within a few years she was a tutor on the London Tourist Board tourist guide training course. By 1984 Katrine had taken over as Director of Studies and she soon consolidated the full integration of the lectures on knowledge and the increasing number of practical sessions on selection and presentation of knowledge. I was soon honoured to become part of her tutor team. Katrine went on to set up her own company and her comprehensive training skills in guiding and related fields of heritage interpretation were sought throughout the UK and internationally. By the mid-1990s Katrine had become very involved in FEG providing secretariat and then acting as training spokesperson. She was invited to provide training and consultancy in Cyprus, Latvia, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, Malta and, with EU funding, in the Caribbean and the South Pacific. It is my great privilege to be able to edit the third edition of this invaluable handbook thus satisfying continuing international interest and demand. I know that Katrine, as a consummate linguist, would have been delighted that it will soon be translated into various languages.”

Cartoon: Royston Roberts
Cartoon: Royston Roberts

Efi Kalampoukidou, FEG ExCo present President and accredited tourist guide trainer wrote:

“Ever since the beginning of the 2000s I knew about Katrine’s precious “Art of Guiding” booklet from colleagues and her long-standing and devoted involvement in developing and delivering her pioneering tourist guide training programmes focused on guiding techniques and practical skills of our profession. The booklet has proved to be a valuable tool for numerous tourist guide trainers and trainees across the world over the years. It was a great joy for me under my current presidency to sign an Agreement for FEG to use this material and to be entrusted with the copyright of the “Art of Guiding”. Writing on behalf of the whole FEG Executive Committee who realised this task, we are all delighted to give new life to this resource, and we hope it will be useful to future generations of tourist guides and FEG trainers who come after us. We have decided to make a new start with an e-book in English, in order to make it readily available to colleagues online at a low price. Next to Martin Prince and Royston Robertson, I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to the colleagues who supported this new FEG training project with their knowledge and skills, and who have made our dream come true, the FEG Executive Committee, the FEG Secretary, and colleagues Richard Skinner and Norma Clarkson.”

FEG would like to dedicate this third “Art of Guiding” e-edition to the memory of Katrine Prince. We all owe her a lot!

Tourist guides will soon be able to register online and receive a copy of the “Art of Guiding” e-book, so stand by!

We wish to all colleagues across the world a great International Tourist Guide Day 2021 and we’ll be ready to guide, when the time is right!

Communique from: Richard Skinner & Efi Kalampoukidou

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