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Published by FEG Team
Date 04/12/2019

FEG was founded in 1986 in Paris to represent and promote the profession of Tourist Guides at European level, to publicise and improve the quality of service offered to all visitors to Europe and to bring together and strengthen professional tourist guiding links across Europe. With over thirty years’ experience and currently having 28 member-associations of tourist guides representing over 80,000 members, FEG is the voice of European tourist guiding.

FEG brings together the qualified Tourist Guide national associations for mutual benefit. It provides an opportunity for association and individual networking through its meetings, courses, workshops & seminars, website, blog and social media.

Among FEG’s missions is to deal with Tourist Guides on issues such as professional qualifications, certification on standards for tourist guide training, tourist guide basic or life-long training, as well as promoting sustainable tourism via its members.


  • FEG is the professional Tourist Guides' voice in Europe. It is respected and it is consulted by the official European institutions.
  • FEG provides expertise where needed to ensure that the Tourist Guide's role is understood and promoted.
  • FEG can achieve a common approach on professional issues. It is able to help the industry and consumers greater understand what they can expect of a professional tourist guide in our own areas of qualification across Europe.
  • FEG brings together the Tourist Guide national associations for mutual benefit.
  • FEG is a member of the European Council of Liberal Professions (CEPLIS), the European Tourism Manifesto Group, Europa Nostra, the European Standardisation Committee (CEN) and the World Travel Market (WTM).
  • FEG is in partnership with the: World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (WFTGA), European Travel Commission (ETC), European Network for Accessible Tourism (ENAT), World Food Travel Association (WFTA), Live Private Guides app and with the History Channel.
  • FEG participates in European and Internationally funded projects to promote life-long training for tourist guides in Europe on sustainable and themed tourism, accessible tourism, cultural routes, guiding techniques and on practical training for tourist guides.
  • FEG assists its members to create and to certify their tourist guide training programmes, as per the EN15565:2008 (CEN) European Standard on the minimum training for tourist guides in Europe.
  • FEG commissions its accredited tourist guide trainers in various languages to deliver courses, seminars and workshops for tourist guides in-house to its member-associations, national tourism authorities, state or private tourist guide training institutions, where and when asked to do so.
  • FEG creates and certifies tourist guides for online life-long training courses on themed tours in Europe.

For more details have a look at our website www.feg-touristguides.com Contact us at info@feg-touristguides.org for more info!


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