The End of Long Journey – Qualification exams for tourist guides in the Netherlands

Published by Wika Trel
Date 20/02/2020

Certification exams January 2020

Once a year, in mid-January, Guidor carries out practical exams for tourist guides in training. 

Guidor is the Dutch National Guides Association, established in 1957 and based in Amsterdam. Guidor Co-operates with the Amsterdam Tourism and Convention Board and Amsterdam Marketing to promote high quality guiding services in the Netherlands.

Candidates, wishing to obtain the professional tourist guide certification - a national tourist guide diploma - for the whole of the Netherlands, are examined at:

  • Guiding on a moving vehicle. This year the exam took place on a canal boat in Amsterdam.
  • Presentations of paintings in the National Museum
  • Foreign language oral examinations.
  • Written exams. Some candidates, who didn’t graduate from a specialised course, need to pass a written comprehensive theory exams, too.

Some candidates try to pass their exams all in one go. While others choose to spread the tough exams over several years so we are going see them again next year.

Successfully completing the exams is quite a challenge. Some candidates come to the exams after a 15-month long course and are looking forward to starting their careers as newly qualified tourist guides.

Others have already been working as guides for years but only now decided to get a diploma and join our organization. Their experience is valuable however to join Guidor they too must prove their worth and knowledge. After all we are don’t have a reputation as the best guides for nothing!

This year 31 candidates succeeded in several exam categories and existing Guidor members are looking forward to working with the new colleagues.

Congratulations to all and welcome to our new Guidor members!












Wika Trel

Wika Trel is the Guidor representative at FEG.

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