T-GUIDE-Guiding people with learning difficulties

The T-GUIDE course and certification is the outcome of an EU funded Leonardo project to develop a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course for qualified tourist guides who want to work with visitors with learning difficulties. Its goal is to enhance guides’ skill sets to enable them to work competently and sensitively with these types of visitors. The course and certification are offered jointly by the European Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (FEG) and the European Network for Accessible Tourism (ENAT). 

To achieve the certificate tourist guides complete a set of online learning modules and a subsequent written assessment requiring consolidation of the knowledge gained. Then they attend a one day interactive course*. Within 6 months of the interactive course the tourist guides must set up and conduct a tour with a group of people with learning difficulties and provide a portfolio of evidence.

* Qualified tourist guides who have successfully completed a certified EN15565:2008 compliant tourist guide training course attend one full day of interactive, face-to-face training on T-GUIDE. Others attend an additional full day interactive, face-to-face training on guiding skills and guiding people with specific access needs prior to their T-GUIDE training day.

The intensive two full-day course involves practising the use of Easy To Understand Language (ETUL), and improving understanding of functional and social aspects of disabilities. It also informs participants about relevant national and EU legislation. Participants engage in exercises on shared understanding of learning difficulties and learn how to develop access statements and accessible/inclusive tourism through universal design. The course encourages refinements to communication techniques and tour planning skills.

The first T-GUIDES were certified in 2016. The list continues to grow. The qualified tourist guides listed below have successfully completed all four stages of the course and are certified T-GUIDES by FEG and ENAT. Please contact them directly to engage their services for conducting tours for visitors with learning difficulties. Our T-GUIDES will enhance the experience for all visitors.  

List of certified T-GUIDES by FEG & ENAT:












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