Austrian Tourist Guides

10 Things To Know About Austrian Tourist Guides

1. What year was the Chamber of Commerce established?

An Austrian tourist guide pursues a regulated trade and is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, which was established in Austria in 1848.

The Chamber of Commerce offered the first training in the Economic Development Institute in Vienna, which was gradually increased from six weeks to a two-year professional training. After passing the license examination, a student can apply for a license to become a "licensed tourist guide".

2. What is the primary mission/goal of the Chamber of Commerce?

It represents Tourist Guide (in Austria and internationally), is in charge of the qualifications for Tourist Guides and organizes courses and trainings for qualified guides.

And so much more....

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3. What is the process to become a qualified tourist guide in Austria?

There is a 1,5 to 2 years course followed by a state-approved examination with a written exam, book-keeping, oral exam about Austrian history, history of arts, geography, politics, etc. and a practical exam on guiding skills, including a sight/museum visit, a guided city-walk and a guided bus tour. There are a few institutions across Austria offering the tourist guide course.

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4. Once qualified, how do tourist guides in Austria maintain their qualification? Also, is there an official badge that qualified tourist guides in Austria wear?

In Austria tourist guiding is a regulated profession. Every certified tourist guide has to carry her/his legitimate qualification ID while working. Every tourist guide also has a “Austria guide” badge.

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5. How many qualified tourist guides are members of Chamber of Commerce and tell us about their diverse backgrounds?

The Austrian Chamber of Commerce has 2.191 (Dec. 2022) certified tourist guides as its members.

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6. What are some of the professional development classes offered to members of Chamber of Commerce?

Guided tours through new exhibitions in all museums, and all sorts of professional life-long training.

7. What are some of the top reasons for using a qualified tourist guide in Austria?

By law, only qualified tourist guides are allowed to guide in Austria.

Our qualified guides are well educated and trained. They also have better and easier access in most sights and museums.

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8. What are some general tips you would give to potential visitors planning a vacation to Austria?

To book a qualified tourist guide in Austria, who would not only show you the famous sites, but also the hidden treasures of each city and region, present you stories no guide book or audio guide would tell you and take the guest on a journey through the history of Austria.

9. Where can potential visitors to Austria find out more information about the Chamber of Commerce?

Austrian Chamber of commerce das Portal der Wirtschaftskammern - Service -

Vienna Chamber of commerce

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10. Where can potential visitors to Austria find out more information about certified tourist guides in Austria and also find a qualified tourist guide?

The best way to reach our qualified guides is through our website “Find a guide” by region, city or language: